• Falling in love with London
    I moved into my dorm room in London on 16 September 2016. I was an 18-year-old fresher, barely ready to embark on a degree which frankly, I was not even 100% certain I understood. I had only been to London once before, for a weekend away with my parents. We were staying in Primrose Hill, […]
  • My Favourite Flawed Democracy
    My friend recently asked me whether identity is something I think about often. The question came as a surprise – I thought everyone mulled over their identity, what it means to them, how it shapes their worldview, all the time. My personal background combined with the person’s I am speaking to steer almost every conversation […]
  • Is Modernity Inherently Genocidal?
    When we discuss “modernity,” we usually refer to the period roughly since the Enlightenment. Fuelled by accelerated industrial development, modernity is characterised not only by the demise of religion, but also the rise of the nation-state, science and a free market economy, leading to profound social and political changes. The modern world above anything deplores […]
  • one of us
    On the 4th of May 2019, a girl in my hometown was (probably) raped and killed in plain daylight. She was studying a masters in International Relations at the University of Antwerp, she was 23, and now she’s dead. The offender was arrested within 48 hours. He had been convicted of rape before – twice. […]
  • Why politicians shouldn’t tweet
    We’ve witnessed the revolutionary effects social media has on every aspect of our lives, including politics, on many occasions. Some of these are positive, such as the #YouthForClimate protests which, through the use of social media, succeeded in bringing tens of thousands of people together in solidarity for climate change – but there is, of […]
  • Holocaust Remembrance Day
    Today 74 years ago, Auschwitz-Birkenau was liberated by the Red Army. International Holocaust Remembrance day is a day of remembrance, grievance and mourning. With antisemitism, populism and xenophobia on the rise, it is almost scary to try and discern how such horrors could ever happen in the past, and ask ourselves whether they could ever happen […]
  • Defying Nationalism: is it all bad?
    Defying nationalism? Try defining it first. It is no secret that nationalism is a contested concept. There is no one scientific definition for a nation, although the phenomenon clearly exists. Rousseau identifies a nation as a ‘people, constituted by individuals who, deliberating without distinction of birth, religion, or wealth, voluntarily establish their own governing authority.’ This […]
  • Making Time for Third-Year Nostalgia
    Like most of us, I spent a couple of weeks at home over the holidays. One topic of conversation was proven unavoidable. When I just met somebody, when I saw a family member or when my dad asked me whether I’ve heard back from the latest grad scheme I applied to, the one inevitable question […]
  • Has the world gone mad? Kavanaugh and other obscenities
    If I go to the police because my car was stolen, they will file a report and try to find out who did it. They’ll ask me where I parked it, how I left it, when I discovered it was gone and if anyone else had a key. They won’t ask me whether I’m sure […]
  • My vote matters (does it?)
    Before coming to university I had this idea that student life revolved around partying, academic excellence and finally, student activism. My expectations weren’t entirely misplaced; both the first and the last of those three definitely is at another level than I anticipated, in entirely different ways. Yes, we go out, and we do so more […]
  • #metoo gone wrong
    I mentioned in my last post that we’d have to wait and see how things develop in the near future to see whether #metoo actually made a difference, whether it actually led to anything. It seems like the “near future” is now, and it looks worrisome. Recent events such as the “outing” of Aziz Ansari, […]
  • On Cardi B, Role Models and Harvey Weinstein
    The wider conclusion from campaigns like #metoo and current upstirring in the media is that the Harvey Weinstein-saga triggered something in our society. Clearly, an important message is being spread – we’re doing great, society! It’s time (read: long past time) that people, especially men, realise how widespread and normalised rape culture, power abuse and […]
  • By any means necessary
    Zij die mij persoonlijk kennen, weten dat ik lang voor de recente opschudding al overgevoelig was aan subjectieve en vlak gezegd slechte verslaggeving. Niet enkel in België, maar wel specifiek, omdat ik daar nu eenmaal ben opgegroeid. Zoals zo vaak heeft zich daar zondag weer enthousiast schuldig aan gemaakt. Ik ga hierover niet veel anders […]
  • The new normal
    Vandaag 1 jaar geleden ben ik begonnen met deze blog omdat ik mijn woorden op een of andere manier kwijt moest. Vandaag 1 jaar geleden zijn 130 mensen omgekomen in een serie verschrikkelijke aanslagen in Parijs, waarvan de kers op de taart de 89 gevallen doden in de Bataclan was. Vandaag 1 jaar geleden is mijn […]
  • #loveislove, no matter what
    Ik heet Charlotte. Ik ben achttien jaar. Ik ben geboren en getogen in Antwerpen, en ik ben joods. Ik zit op een Go! school en volg daar al zes jaar Israëlitische Godsdienst. Ik ben de enige van mijn jaar die die godsdienstkeuze heeft gemaakt, en krijg dus twee uur per week les van Aaron Malinsky […]
  • Trump, Europeanen, ketchup en journalistiek
    Reactie: Het is een normale zondag, en ik zit thuis. Het stort buiten, ik heb een planning boordevol huiswerk en ik zit al uren mijn Latijn uit te stellen. Ik scroll door mijn nieuwsfeed en klik een artikel van deStandaard open. “Wat Amerikanen niet aan ons snappen” luidt het bijschrift. Uit verveling en ook uit […]
  • asking for it?
    Er is al te veel over gezegd en geschreven, maar toch moet ik de hele zaak in mijn eigen woorden even kwijt. Er zijn ondertussen, 10 dagen na de feiten, al meer dan 500 aangiften in Keulen gerapporteerd, waarvan 40% seksuele aanklachten. Dat zijn er dus meer dan 200. Meer dan 200 vrouwen aangerand of […]
  • #jenesuispasparis
    De afschuwelijke reeks aanslagen in Parijs gisteren hebben denk ik bij iedereen een schok teweeg gebracht. Bij mij in ieder geval wel. Ik ben vanochtend wakker geworden, hopend dat wanneer ik mijn gsm aan zou zetten, zou blijken dat de aanval in het voetbalstadion waar ik de avond voordien over gelezen had zo erg nog […]